About Jelley

Hey there!


My name is Jess Jelley.

I was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey. Like most, after high school, I got sucked into the college conspiracy, eventually lucked out with a decent job and worked my way up. But my downfall was always putting work first.

Especially after having my son at 24, my relationship with his father wasn’t the best, instead of working on us, I continued to work, thinking as long as I’m able to support myself, who cares.

Until I realized all of this loyalty and effort I have been putting in for years, meant nothing. The company nor my boss had ever gone out of their way for me as much as I was doing things for my staff. When the online reviews started to plateau, I couldn’t get support to save my job.

I began to see the flaws in working hard for other people. I am tired of investing my time and energy into someone else’s business just to never get recognized or appreciated the way you should be. This year, I decided to separate from the toxic lifestyle of being a corporate workaholic.

To think, all of this work ethic can be used to drive my own business. I can finally help the community the way I want to, without abiding by someone else’s protocol. This is where I realized I had a choice. I could sit home and let defeat sink in, or I could change my way of thinking and start doing things differently.

Obviously, there’s a lot of bullshit out there in the Internet World, but thankfully there are a lot of real people out here as well that are trying to make an honest living like myself. Now I can finally focus on my family while building my own fortune.

I hope to inspire people to start thinking outside of the box. If you apply yourself in anything, you put your mind to, you can achieve greatness.

Trust yourself. Be kind. Stay Woke.