The waiting game is over

Recap to make sure you all remember, after almost 10 years in hospitality mgmt, I separated myself from my last property the beginning of April this year. I still can’t believe how fast that went by. Of course the beginning was rough, trying to stay busy, self motivating myself to clean the house and take care of all that had been neglected when i was “too busy” to care about my household.

The struggle became real AF, 2 weeks in, once I pulled my kid, now 4 year old, out of daycare. The balance of letting him just be a kid, but also trying to enforce some type of structured nap time, ABC flash cards, meal times has become an overwhelm trying to be consistent. Not to mention, we now live in Western PA and made 3, 6-hour one-way, trips to NJ and back for family functions (2 adults, 1 kid, and 2 chihuahuas packed in my tiny ass Nissan Juke).

We been back home now for 2 weeks, and this next week little man goes back to pre-school and I am to start Real Estate school (60-hr pre-license course) on Monday. The waiting game is finally over. All I really have to do now is get my head shot taken and stock up on some notebooks and flash cards.


There is a saying, “When one door closes, another will open.” But I have a different take on it. Personally, when one door closes, I usually have to start knocking on other doors. And earlier this year, when I started feeling like I didn’t want to be where i was anymore, work-wise, I started knocking and fiercely on other doors.


To further put a spin on that original saying, “When one door opens, many more will open as well.” It seemed at the time, door knocking wasn’t working, I wasn’t getting anyone to let me in, shit no one even answered the door. So I made a plan, I need my budget, and prepared to separate myself from work. When it happened, bittersweet, but necessary and I continued to search for what I wanted.

I want to be in charge of my own schedule, I want to be able to meet people in my community, not just at one location. I want to be able to travel and get to know my surroundings better. I want to be able to make more money, I want to feel more in control of my job security and above all, I want a better work/home balance.

So I found a Real Estate Brokerage with a training course to help me get my license.


Of course, since getting back home, I have received 3 job offers, 1 Assistant General Manager and 2 other GM positions at properties 30-45 minutes from my house. All in which I had applied for back in February of this year. It’s crazy to me.

I have put so much energy into wanting to begin this journey in real estate and now Its almost like I am torn to just go back o work for the “steady” paycheck. So what do I do? Well, I at least went for the interviews. And guess what? I received a 2nd call back for all, fAck! LOL. I wrote off the assistant job, mainly because at the end of the interview the GM continued to talk about how many more interviews he had, basically trying to make me think there were a bunch of other candidates, hmmm, but you called me back for 2nd interview with Director of HR and your Director of Ops within 48 hours. Lies. Don’t try to intimidate professionals, he just turned me off.

But anyways, i think my internal struggle with all of this is that, I know what I can do, at least in the hospitality field, and I know I have a serious workaholic problem. I don’t want to get caught up in a hotel 24/7 for nothing more than 60-80k. I know I can do better. I know I can work my way up to a better quality of life without working for someone else’s benefit. And part of me knows, if I do both, one will suffer and most likely I will cut myself short in the real estate aspect because I won’t have enough time.

Another part of me thinks, maybe I’ve just binged watched too many Rich Dad, Poor Dad youtube videos, anybody? Check out Robert Kiyosake for a different way of viewing money and this economy, especially for the millennial generation.


To run off on a tangent, on the back burner, my biggest want is to eventually move closer to NJ, maybe not exactly in NJ, but at least closer to the border where my family is, my kid needs his YAYA (grandma and vice versa). I feel that getting educated on the markets, and just the renting/selling side of things, will help me be able to use this house to my benefit, and get me closer to home. Whether long term in passive income through rentals or just selling it outright to buy something in Eastern PA.

So wish me luck, I choose a 30-day crammed course, to hopefully get me where I need to be and fast. If all goes as planned and of course depending on the state exam schedule, I will be a licensed Real Estate agent by my 28th birthday, in July.

Cheers to optimism!


Or do you think I should just “play it safe” and jump back into the GM life?

Thanks for reading!





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