Donate Blood and Save a Life <3


It’s true, one simple act of selflessness (donating blood) can indeed save a life.

Now, that I find myself with a bit more free time, I’ve been contemplating all aspects of life and how I can truly make an impact with those close to me and within the community. I was inspired by one of my former staff members, not only is she a spouse of a veteran, she too, trains police and military k-9’s, and she has been donating for over a year now and as much as she can. Yesterday, she shared another inspiring post on social media and I had to comment, after seeing her posts time and time again, I finally figured with the free time I had, why not go donate?


I didn’t realize how many different things they can use the blood for or how their machines can actually separate the blood into platelets, white and red blood cells, and certain procedures will replenish the donor with the parts of blood they aren’t taking, so its even safer/healthier.

Just by looking at my size the tech, told me I would probably not qualify for red blood cells which is what they always need. But especially after he realized I have 0 negative blood, he was practically begging me to considered coming back to donate platelets as much as possible. Then he told me platelets can only be stored up to 5 days, no wonder they need them.

I learned so much in my short visit yesterday, it really was an eye opener. It felt good being it there, seeing other people of all ages also walking in for their routine appt.

Of course, getting the needle isn’t necessarily “fun”, after having a snack and a juice, I left there feeling like a million bucks. Oddly enough, I felt a little lighter, too lol!


Some Facts:
Women have about 10 pints, and men about 12 pints of blood in their bodies.

Whole blood and apheresis (platelet) donations are about 1 pint. One pint is roughly equal to 1 pound.

Red Cells – these give your blood its red color and carry oxygen to your organs and tissues.
Platelets – the very small colorless cell fragments in your blood whose main function is to stop bleeding.
Plasma – this is the liquid portion of your blood that transports water and nutrients to your body’s tissues.

All blood donations are processed and available for use between 24 and 48 hours after collection.

  • Whole blood is processed into components (red cells, platelets, plasma). After processing, the red cells can be stored for up to 42 days.
  • Plasma can be frozen and stored for up to 12 months.
  • Platelets (from whole blood or by apheresis) must be used within five days.

 Donate whole blood every 56 days. Red blood cells are the oxygen carrying cells. They can take two weeks or longer to fully return to normal.

Donate platelets (apheresis donation) as much as twice in a 7 day period  – or up to 24 times in a rolling 12 months. Platelet and plasma components are replaced in the body more quickly than red cells. Platelets will return to normal levels within a few hours of donating. Plasma, the watery substance of your blood, takes a couple of days.


 Most Donation centers offer Programs for Donor benefits. Many Plasma centers (Grifols) will offer cash incentives. The Blood Bank I go to offered a point program, 100 credits for whole blood, 150 platelets and 200 for red blood cells, which you can eventually redeem as gift cards. Most websites, have all of their information available online, research and get donating.


Not sure where to find a donation center?
Simply Google “local Blood Bank” or go to:
America’s Blood . org

20180426_182124.jpg(Picture: In addition, to a new swag bag/resuable grocery bag, I was given some goodies from the Blood Bank, car decal & a Thank you seed from Mom’s in need. And I definitely walked out with one of their pens, not showns Oops! lol #iloveswag)

Hope you were inspired to donate!



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