Devil’s Advocate: FOSTA/SESTA

The good, the bad, the ugly and how it affected me personally while managing a budget hotel.

First off, lets just make sure we are all on the same page as far as what FOSTA and SESTA actually is.


Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017
Read Bill section details here


Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017
Read Act section details here


What you will see now on

In my opinion,


Congress has good intent, to prevent sex traffic specifically of minors and for any/all whom provide a public platform be responsible for the communities actions.

For those who oppose sex work of all kinds, you will be happy to know that hundreds, if not thousands of sex workers on all backgrounds are out of work and many are under investigations regarding their posts.

Many sites, like Skype have changed its privacy policies so that they can easily monitor users content and eradicate whatever potentially can be associated with the sex trade and secure their websites of escorts taking advantage of their sites.

A few dating site CEOs and founders have even begun making youtube videos discussing their plans to support this movement, in theory eventually dating sites will help more people find genuine romance.

Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of,, and, addresses the Sugar Community regarding the FOSTA legislation, and the recent Backpage shutdown.

Hotels and lodging businesses are starting to catch a break. With the lack of ads locating features, hotels and lodging businesses may notice a decline of thirsty Johns browsing their parking lots.


What you will see now on Craigslist Personals


Not to say that I agree or support anyone that chooses to live this lifestyle within the sex work community, but these acts, along with whatever future sex-related censorship acts that are in the making, umbrella consensual adult escorts, too. A huge percentage of their community used this “black market” to make a living. I wish I could find a good estimation of how many people are now “out of work” or doing to be seeking other ways.

And to make that hit home, imagine the stereotypical escort community that comes to mind… now imagine that gang getting into other illegal businesses… not to say I am only suggesting escorts won’t eventually work legally, but fast money is hard to give up and come by on the books.

Also, after research, there’s a hell of a lot more writers posting articles of other sources to find these “casual encounters”. Unfortunately, backpage and craigslist were only 2 platforms and there is a lot more work to be done.

My other theory, the beginning of government controlling the context of the online by bullying online platforms to censor their users. The tangents that can stem from this and eventually engulf all of media is horrifying for writers like myself and the future.

Self thought: Even though I don’t condone doing drugs, if my blog contains verbiage of past use, and someone could potentially be influenced.. (or subject of guns, violence,etc..) would i be rejected to post publicly?

My Personal Experience with Sex Trafficking
You’ll have to #Staytuned for more blogs of specific details but I will say this…

Thank you government for acknowledging our concerns and taking action on this heavily debated issue.

Unfortunately, I used to check and daily to see who might be trying to use my hotel to host their encounters. Believe it or not, it was a pretty easy way to see if you had trouble coming that weekend. Easier then it sounded, a lot of people would post their locations or worse post pictures from within our rooms, with a more than recognizable brand standard decor/wall color in the background. For years, myself and other business operators would eventually become numb to this black market. Finally our voices have been heard to shut it down and hold someone accountable for allowing it to happen.

Bittersweet passing of FOSTA, post separation.
It has been 3 weeks exactly since separating myself from a torturous routine of kicking out escorts and losing the never ending battle of creating a positive image and reputation for a budget motel within a common wealth community. Of course, its image was tarnished long before, possibly as long as prostitution has been a job.

I almost feel bad for the new manager taking over, without those 2 sites, good luck getting a heads up of when the circus is coming to town… #sorrynotsorry


Inspiring posts of other writers in the word press community, in no specific order:
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