Blast from My Past to Present II: My First Car, RIP

The following is a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad string of luck with well, just about every car I’ve ever owned. .

It all started 2 months before I turned 17. I was just about to finish my junior high school year and I had saved up a little over $3500 since beginning working at age 15. My mother promised me for years, that when it was time to get a car, whatever I could save, she would match or try to help as much as she could to ensure I got my first car.

The search started honestly on my own, it took months of convincing my mom I was ready. My boyfriend at the time who already had his license, started taking me to actual dealerships for serious inquires, and that was when she finally took me on a trip to south Jersey, where her mother lived in Whiting, near Toms river. There were plenty of Car dealerships along Route 70 but my grandmother and mother were persistent about going to see one man at this small lot, apparently they both had been buying cars from this same man for years.

The lot was full of used vehicles. Most had definitely seen better days, and like most 16 year old girls, I could care less about the actually name or specs, all i knew was I wanted something with less than 100,000 miles, if that was even possible for my budget. I wanted a somewhat small first car, I picked the cutest car I could find there for under $8k.


The Owner of the lot had obviously felt compelled to help me convince my mother that I deserved this car, after realizing my mother wasn’t able to be as generous as he thought, meaning just cut a check for the difference without hesitation. He promptly took off $1,000 of the listed price and we had a deal, not to mention my Nana threw some money at my mom, behind my back, I found out later about.

My first car, a Mitsubishi Mirage, also known as, the Puerto Rican Honda, LOL!mitmirage

I fell inlove with this car, I would just sit in it, clean it, stocking it up with my mixed CDs, ready to hit the road in 2 months once I received my license, I was SO ready!

My Birthday came and went fast, as soon as I got my license, I was out! I abided by the Cinderella license, and only was pulled over once that entire year, what for, you ask?

For driving home at 11:45pm at night, yes an officer actually pulled me over just to tell me I looked young and better get my ass home, I will never forget looking into his squinty, condescending little eyes. I could barely speak, I was so pissed and confused and scared for the first time, I just showed him my address on my license and pointed straight down the road, he had pulled me over right in front of my neighborhood, seriously? He let me go after wasting another 6 minutes of talking about how he grew up in Edison and couldn’t remember hearing of my last name, I just remember looking at the clock and looking at him back and forth, anxiety through the roof, JUST LET ME GO ALREADY!

The first day of senior year, I woke up extra early, raced to school in my new whip, registered for my school’s parking permit and just had an ordinary first day. No real work, it breezed by, I remember having to run to work right after at the Bonhamtown Deli. I parked in my usual spot. Most customers park on the left side of the deli which is a very large parking area for up to 20 vehicles, on the other side of the deli, where I parked was barely 8-9 parking spots in a straight shot, parallel to the building, leading to the dumpsters in back. I parked towards the front entrance, in front of a large plastic garbage that was twist tied to a gutter spout pointing to the ground.

I walked into work, placed my keys in the basket on top of the Deli Counter where we kept our order notepads and pens and began an ordinary shift. Two hours past of making sandwiches and selling lottery tickets and my handsome boy toy Mike stopped by just to tell me him and Isaiah were going to go smoke and will be back later when my shift was over.

A half hour or so went by and then Boom! Something hit our building, I remember hearing and feeling what could of been compared to a 2 second long earthquake. Like I said everything shook! My boss ran out of his back office so fast, obviously we came running after him and we joined him outside.

Now before I go into exactly what I had saw, there is some back story here that’s worth mentioning. To be honest, I smoked a lot of weed back then, where I worked, the deli, with my bosses multiple young adult sons, realize, we all hustled. Meaning, sold drugs of some kind from time to time. Don’t ask me why, but back then, i remember only kids that had money, hustled something.

Anyways, I was the bud girl, one of the brothers was the coke dude, the other was the pill head (his favorites oxy, roxy, and Ecstasy), and the other from what I eventually found out was a huge gambler from fantasy football to horse races. So not to say I had this coming from the bad business I was a part of, but now, over 10+ years later, I can clearly see through all of the bullshit I didn’t before. Basically, after working there for awhile, I became friends with a boy name Isaiah a few years younger than me that lived in the low-income housing behind the deli.

He eventually caught on to what us kids at the deli were doing and wanted to support me he said, he had a “hook up”. His cousins lived in Brooklyn, NY. He said every weekend he’d go out there anyway and on his trips he might as well pick up for me. Eventually I gave him a shot, $100 risk, came through and the normal weight I was able to get was now tripled with his efforts. I was finally making a profit of more than what I smoked, that usually is the reason most people hustle, to afford their own habits.

Back to running outside, it took a moment of shock to pass by before I could process what I was seeing. My everything, my beautiful baby mirage was smashed into the side of the building. Both garbage bin and gutter spout were completely squished between my cars bumper and the brick wall. “You totaled it you fucking moron, forget you have to put the car in reverse?!” My boss was screaming at Isaiah who was pacing back and forth with his head down, obviously high AF!


“MIKE?!? When did you take my keys? WTF?!” I screamed. He didn’t, apparently after Mike stopped in the deli, he went outside to smoke with Isaiah, and it being a hot day in September, Isaiah figured it would be okay to take my car keys without asking. I must of been in the bathroom or in the back of the deli, no one but the cameras saw him take my keys out of that basket from the deli counter.

Isaiah was 15, no permit or driving classes taken, no clue how to put a car in reverse instead of drive, OBVIOUSLY!!!

My mom and police eventually showed up, I remember just standing there with my mouth open, like wide open to the point my mother walked up to me, like are you okay? I was just, shocked. Completely shocked, then I was mad.

I eventually burned the bridge between Isaiah, I had him front me a few sacks over the next month and I never paid him, fuck you I remember texting him, what about the $7,000 you owe me?

If your wondering, yes, this was one of my first biggest wake up calls to stop hustling. Shortly after the accident, I got out of the game. Sacrificing my first car, without will, was enough of a loss for me. Not beat for the bullshit.

Later that year, I took him to small claims court just to be told I couldn’t sue a minor and the fact that he lived and was guardian-ed by his grandmother who was on welfare, I couldn’t touch government money. No matter the case of him stealing personal property, no matter that he damaged not only personal, but commercial property, attempting to drive without a license, nothing fucking happened!!!!

Basically the court system is flawed in so many ways. I have so much to say but I won’t since it’s not so nice, LOL! Of course, by the time he turned 18, he already fled the state and I’d have to spend thousands hiring a private investigator to pursue anything, just bullshit.

To this day, thinking about it all, it just so frustrating. This was just the beginning, of my bad luck with cars.

Stay tuned and find out what happened next..

What was your first car and how long did it last?

Ever take someone to court over a car accident, how’d it go?

Has a friend of your ever totaled your car? Are you still friends?

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