Lost Poem Series #6: Just Friends

(Journal Entry from 10/30/2009, Dedicated to one of my first memoir muses,
even though he broke my heart originally when I was 13, this was written after bringing him back into my life, 6 years later. RIP TJ 1988-2017)

Just Friends

When I see your face – I see our past,
when I hear your voice- I can’t help but laugh,
when I think of us- I know your love didn’t last.

Everyday I regret. I regret bringing you back,
taking you away from your drug abused life,
introducing you to your new future trash of a wife.

I’ve always stayed close, but to the side,
to the side of good intent,
but my trust was destroyed and yet,
I’m still listening to you continue to vent.

Maybe I’m just a fool,
a fool to those who lie and abuse,
but in the end of the game,
I promise only you will lose.

To win is to stay true,
true friends will come- he says,
but how long should I wait,
after the drama ends.





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