Family Fun: Clever Park, hidden gem in a Pittsburgh neighborhood

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Hey friends,

Even though I have lived in Pittsburgh for over 2 years, I barely had a chance to get out there and explore my new hometown. Now that I have my time back, and am starting to find some great places to spend family time on a budget, I want to share some of these hidden gems with the world and for other moms in my area who may be looking for more kid-friendly spots.

As you can tell in the video, my son loves this park! And every time we go, he and I seem to always make new friends too. This is April, so the pool isn’t open just yet, but I remember last year if the zip code of your license matches theirs and you are considered a resident is a $5 admission per person and $10 for non-residents.

Hope you enjoy this park as much as we do!

Comment and share any of your favorite parks, where ever you live!

Till next adventure!

For more information and Reviews on Clever Park:
Pool Information at Clever Park


Watch on YouTube

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