Lost Poem Series #5: Everyone is Perfect

(Dated: February 10th, 2006 – Mr. Juliano’s Geometry Class; I was 15.
Why be perfect, when you can be yourself? )

Everyone is Perfect

Perfection is skin deep,
it’s within you hair and within your seat,
within your fingers and even your feet.

Perfection is keeping your head up after rejection.
It’s keeping a straight face while lying and smiling away the pain.

Perfection takes time of learned reflection,
knowing when to confront your target and aim,
to know right from wrong and shame.

Perfect can only be seen from afar,
but even these people are of the loneliest stars.

Dare to chase it and your idea of perfect will diminish,
Why’s that? “Cause if everyone can be perfect-
then no one really is it.

nobody perfect


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