Lost Poem Series #4: I want to go back…

(Journal entry, written sophomore year 2005, I was 15.
The longing of a child from a broken home, wishing to go back in time.)

I want to go back…

Where the nightly breezes drift from afar,

and the stars are the only light in the dark.

Where few patches of grass grow through,

in a world of color, both yellow and blue.

Where the waves collide and jelly fish sting,

the time I remember calling you ‘mean’.

Where you yelled at me if I went in too deep,

or when I kicked sand at you with my feet.

Where you held my hands and jumped the waves;

where we found that sand dollar that we had saved.

The place where most memories were made before the wave of sad,

I want to go back, but this time with Dad.

dad and daughter beach


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