Writing Preference Theories (Pen vs. Keyboard)

As, I sit here currently about to begin this blog, I am typing freely on my old desktop’s generic swap meet keyboard it came with from the refurb-site 6 years ago. I honestly don’t have much experience using typewriters, even though there was one in my house growing up. But being born in 1990, Public schools in my elementary had at least 1 desktop per classroom, in middle school there were carts they would bring into classes during certain lessons loaded with the 1st gen. mac books enough for 2 kids in each class to share 1; catch my drift? I honestly loath using a laptop style computer to creatively type or do anything more than chat let’s just say. Old school key boards, the chunkier the buttons, the better, am i right?? LOL!

I find when I type freely, for the most part, I’m not even looking at my exact words populating on the screen, but sort of look into my own thoughts, daydreaming into no where, glancing back and forth ever so often between the keyboard to ensure placement.

I feel when ready to compose a draft, you know, when your about to explode with thought, mind you, I can type 80 wpm (thanks to many typing courses and scribing for medical documents) so its almost effortless to get lost when on a roll. Of course, most would agree, this way of composing is much easier to edit, post-word-diarrhea, if/when on a time crunch and/or need/want to share and save content.

Now with that being typed (pun intended), I was just watching, hence reading and learning, a video about how to simplify your resume and cover letter and I wanted to start re-drafting my own information, and take notes directly from the source. In this case, similar to a research/studying scenario, I feel that not only do I remember the content I wrote in free-hand very well, I still have that train of thought ready and can easily pick back up where I left off . Even when you may not know exactly what you want to say, prevent writer’s block by simply organizing your thoughts, start with the big picture and work your way down to the details.

When I set a clear focus in the middle and lay everything out on the table, mapping out my major/minor connections, its easier to set a timeline of events for a story or set intent and evidence for a proposal. Taking notes, drawing or using symbols to connect ideas, has truly help me to keep a constant flow of thought and direction towards the ultimate goal: the rough draft.

Further, when taking notes for any subject that I know I’ll want to keep, they’re always drawn/written half in cursive and free-hand. Later to be typed up or Drawn up on PaintShopPro.

My first theory is pretty simple and based on every video and article I’ve seen, it seems you and I learn better when physically writing and taking notes on the direct content of what is being taught or intended to be learned.

My second theory, is based on learned-traits, just like when you learn how to ride your bike and/or car, you find the best route to your frequent destinations that suits your comfort level and if your like me you cannot stand any backseat driver telling you different. There are certain times you may prefer to free-hand write or print up your text of whatever sort, however time and pressure of your effort in the final draft may have an impact, for example, work environments may require typed notes to public or unfortunately you don’t have the neatest penmanship.

Personally, I find that I prefer to list/draw thoughts when words don’t necessarily come straight to mind on a particular subject I want to write about. When I am writing shopping lists, honey due lists, quick payday budget reminder, etc. that regards a disposable after use text I usually write in freehand cursive without hesitation because of convenience. However, there was a time when my baby daddy continuously forgot a few items on the honey due list, so I eventually got creative and typed up it in huge letters with blank check mark boxes, hee-hee. But again, if time and/or the pressure of my efforts in how the final draft is may impact my decision to begin with free hand writing and end with typing the message.

What is your writing preference?
Did this get you thinking?


What are your thoughts about schools and their lack of cursive-based curriculum?


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