Fast food hater, now obsessed with McDonald’s New Signature Sandwich

That’s right. I am not a fan of fast food, at least not for the past 10 years, I never had anything special that I missed, not even the nuggets. I remember the last year of high school, I was at my heaviest weight, almost 185 lbs and 5’9”, lent was about to begin and my mother had a great idea to boycott eating at fast food, she was not over-weight and honestly I doubt my weight really had anything to do with it. My mother was a true agnostic, never really took us to church or went into religious details/bible study, but we did celebrate mostly all traditions of the catholic/christian holidays, you know, just encase.

But in reality, it was more about the money she was wasting and how on top of the money wasted eating out, we continued to over spend each week on our weekly grocery shopping, too. Long story short, the 40 or so days came and went and continued into the summer after I graduated. Until the first really long road trip happened and there was nothing by a truck stop and some type of burger place attached. Cut to the chase, I took one bite of whatever grease-soaked bun with a side of clogged artieries and legitimately thought I was going to be sick. I actually felt light-headed. Anyways, I pretty much steer clear of fast food at all cost (ie. McDonalds, wendy’s, burger king, Arby’s ‘can you seriously trust brown roast beef?’).

Now I’ve had a very long passionate struggle, between my feelings for the following: Taco Bell (You have not lived until you have tried their Cinnabun delights or New Nacho Fries!)/KFC(Who can resist their potato wedges, honestly? If only they had decent customer service in the tri-state, LOL!)/Popeyes(Best biscuits around honey!)/Boston Market (From the carver sandwich to their family sized brownie tray, like c’mon!).

Back to the real reason I have to post this obnoxiously long blog:

Can someone please tell me if i have just been living under a rock for the past month or if I am the only one who didn’t hear issh about McDonald’s new signature sandwich option, the Garlic White Cheddar.

Holy Moly, was I having one of those days where life just did not want me to be productive. I had a moment of “Eff it” and decided to grab my kid a happy meal to calm his lil fit from being stuck in the car after school for too long. Yes, I knew there was already other signature recipe options, like most places who sell burgers, I feel like every place offers a BBQ style burger, and now with the avocado craze, there another weirder option with some type of salsa and green mush, hmmm.. no thanks.

Upon my surprise, I read the Garlic White Cheddar, I don’t think I even hesitated to order. Of course, I ordered a crispy chicken version. I got home, chased the kid to start munching on his own dinner. Then, with the first bite, i took another, and a 3rd until my mouth was so full of flavor, my eyes actually grew and my son must had noticed. “You got good food mommy?” He smiled as I continued swaying back, side to side in my happy fat girl, feeding dance.

At first I didn’t even care to know what was in the sandwich , I just knew I wanted it again, I finished it before I could even take it apart. I can almost described it as a perfect blend of butter and garlic, and a tang of almost radish, with the sweetness of the tomato,mayo and bun and crispiness of the lettuce and chicken; Oh! Much too good for children.

Obviously, I made another trip later that week, the next day during lunch to be exact! Bwahahahaha, I needed to know and see what it was. That garlic aioli, garlic chips, white cheddar cheese, on top of the crispy chicken, perfectly holding it together with the tomato, lettuce, and soft bun. If you have not tried it, I am telling you, you will be blown away with its flavor. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more of these delicious fast food deals.

Tell me whats your favorite signature sandwich creation. Let me know if you feel the same. Rate your favorite and most disliked fast food places.



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