Rage Against careless Driving R.I.P Victor Mcfly

Original accident article via facebook

Go Fund Victor’s funeral

My dear friend Victor, I am saddened to hear about your tragedy via social media. I was regretfully group messaged by our small clique from 8 years ago.. working at a small eye doctors office in old bridge, nj..

You were too young, just fresh in a relationship full of love and religious spirituality.. it showed through your timeline.. your geniune presence and true care and interest in everyone will be missed.. Rest in Paradise 🙏🙏🙏

When I first heard of this I immediately vented the following:

“I’m sorry to post my opinion but enough is enough.. I’m sure my grandparents might say different, as they still have their minds, but once you reach retirement age (now 67), annual check ups and vision tests should be mandatory and driving should become restricted per your mental and physical health. Doctors and police should be federally mandated to report anyone whom they come into direct contact with ..who is excessively absent-minded and/or a potential hazard to society while specifically driving should not be allowed to drive anymore. At least make them have another person in the vehicle whose been driving for at least 3 years like a senior Cinderella license. I’m venting b.c I’m upset.. upset I lost another friend to idiocracy.. 88 years old?! Driving the wrong way on route 9?! I bet u the family knew he shouldn’t still be driving.. RIP Victor (this should of never happened)”

As you can tell by tone.. I was furious.. now that a few hours have past.. tears shed and reflection has set in, I have come to terms that it is definitely sad when tragedy has to be the one who sets a fire under your ass. It is a way bigger issue at hand.. federally mandating anyone who is a threat to society/themselves by operating vehicles, machinery, weaponry be disarmed and revoked the privilege to drive/ operate machinery due to circumstance..

How can we contribute to a healthier society without carelessness when it comes to mental and physical health? Do you believe there should be an age limit for driving? How about needing clearance (i.e.vision and mental health tests) for permits/licenses to operate vehicles/machinery/ weaponry?

Did this get you thinking?
Let’s do something about it.

More info to come…




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